Trials cruise JC076T achieved a number of objectives, including trial dives of TOBI2 and the recovery and deployment of some of the NOC fleet of sea gliders, however, the highest profile objective was the multiple test deployment and recovery of the recently rebuilt Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Isis.

The accident of January 19 2011 was both shocking and devastating for the UK marine science community which had come to rely upon and appreciate the huge scientific rewards of this amazing deep diving ROV.   Images and samples recovered by Isis have enhanced our knowledge of the ocean immeasurably and in a way that was impossible, just a few years ago.

Delivery of the rebuilt Isis has depended upon the support of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the dedication, capability and enthusiasm of the National Marine Facilities Sea Systems Team.  

The successful rebuild and test dives on this cruise has restored Isis to the heart of our community once again and ROV-dependent cruises planned in the months ahead are now 'green for launch'.