The team behind Cruise JC076T

Robin Plumley is the cruise Principal Investigator and the National Oceanography Centre’s Research Ship Manager. Robin is responsible for the safe, efficient and cost effective delivery of the National Marine Facilities Sea Systems operated research vessels. He was formerly in command of NERC research vessels Charles Darwin, Challenger, Discovery  and James Cook  1992 to 2007 and served on British Antarctic Survey vessels Bransfield, John Biscoe  and James Clark Ross  from 1976 to 1992.

The Remotely Operated Vehicle Isis Team

The National Marine Facilities (NMF) Deep Platforms Group, is headed by Dave Turner. In addition to ROV Isis, Dave and his team have responsibility for the Towed Ocean Bottom Instruments (TOBI), Seafloor High Resolution Imaging Platform (SHRIMP) and the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Autosub3.
Dave Turner
Head, Deep Platforms Group
James Cooper
Deep Platforms Technician
Russell Locke
Deep Platforms Technician
Andy Webb
Deep Platforms Technician
Allan Davies
Deep Platforms Technician
Will Handley
ROV pilot, contractor
Duncan Matthew
Electronics/Software Engineer

Sea Systems Technicians

The NMF Sea Systems team is responsible for the scientific equipment that is fitted to NERC ships. This ranges from acoustic equipment to the ship’s positioning systems, computer networks and Internet system. They support underway sampling and designed, maintain and operate the on board meteorological instruments.
Mark MaltbyMartin BridgerJon Seddon

Research Scientists

Veerle Huvenne

Veerle Huvenne’s main areas of research are marine habitat mapping and sediment dynamics studies, especially in complex deep-sea environments such as cold-water coral reefs, submarine canyons or hydrothermal vent areas. During this cruise we are testing ROV Isis and the Towed Ocean Bottom Instrument (TOBI) in an area of submarine canyons close to where Veerle has worked before so she has a keen interest in any data obtained here, while she can also provide the engineers with background information about the area. In addition, Veerle has worked a lot with Isis and TOBI data in the past, so she is using this expertise on the cruise to help the engineers in tuning their vehicles towards the best possible outputs for the scientific community.

Lucy Woodall

Lucy is a conservation geneticist from the Natural History Museum and she is looking at the community biodiversity of nematodes. Lucy is researching the effects of environmental factors such as depth and habitat and anthropogenic factors such as fishing on marine nematode communities. Lucy’s research will contribute to the management of marine habitats.

Jonathon Martin

Jon is a navigation systems engineer who works for the survey customer support group of Sonardyne. Sonardyne specialises in making subsea navigation equipment, for example, transponders and transceivers for acoustic navigation, acoustic modems and inertial navigation systems.